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Workshop in Koprivnica


Within the project ATDS, on 28th of January the meeting on the development of possibilities for entertainment tourism in the cross border area was held. During the meeting, the project partners, the City of Koprivnica and Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency, presented their final study documents that were prepared by external experts and project team during the project.

While the Hungarian partners prepared a study which investigated the different forms of tourism infrastructure that can attract more visitors to Lake Balaton, City of Koprivnica has developed a study of potential development of the entertainment center (FEC - Family Entertainment Center) which could provide positive effects on the further development of economy and tourism.

In addition, the project will develop a joint strategy of entertainment tourism in the cross border area, therefore the participants during the workshop discussed the possibilities of development of tourism and entertainment in the city of Koprivnica and the Lake Balaton, and commented the draft version of the strategy.

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