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Closing conference in Koprivnica


Final Conference was held in Koprivnica and marked the end of the "Amusement Tourism Development Strategy". 

The project was developed with the aim of preparing the documentation for the development of tourist infrastructure based on the concept of fun, as one of the tools for sustainable development and economic growth.

During the conference, the activities and results of the project were presented, and the possibilities for continuation of cooperation of Koprivnica with the Lake Balaton Development and Coordination Agency were discussed.

The project resulted in valuable documents through which the concept of development of entertainment tourism in the cross-border region was developed. These documents will also be the foundation for the development of specific projects in the field of tourism and the economy.

For the City of Koprivnica, a study of development of the entertainment tourism is made and it created the concept of family entertainment center, whose facilities unite three areas: technology, education and entertainment.

LBDCA made the feasibility study for an amusement park in the Balaton region (Hungary) and this document will serve for decision makers to decide which form of entertainment infrastructure is more suitable for their area. 

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